The owners manual of my Horizon Treadmill states the following:

It is necessary to lubricate your treadmill running deck every six months
or 150 miles to maintain optimal performance of your treadmill. Once the
treadmill reaches 150 miles, the console will prompt you to lubricate the
treadmill. Only use lubricant provided by Horizon Fitness!
• Turn of the treadmil with the on/off switch, then unplug the
power cord at the wall outlet.
• Loosen both the rear roller bolts. (For best results, place two removable
marks on both sides of the frame and note roller position). Once
the belt is loosened, take the bottle of lubricant and apply it to the
entire top surface of the running deck. Tighten both rear roller bolts
(matching up the marks for proper position) to original position. After
you have applied lubricant, plug in the power cord, insert the safety
key, start the treadmill and walk on the belt for two minutes to spread
the lubricant.

Silicone Spray; it does a great job. Get it at any hardware store or Wal Mart. Just lift up the tread mill belt enough to get the spray nozzel under it and spray the rollers. No need to take it all apart. I do mine all the time.

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